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June 4, 2002
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The Complete Journey.

Drifting, drifting.. gone.

Sinking, slowly sinking down.

I wake, I am standing in a forrest, some sorry people are in the branches of the trees above me.

Where am I?

I walk on, come to a gate, a gate of black marble, with blood stained writing.

The writing is old, decayed, and over read.

I can't make it out.

Walking on I find a boat, guided by a lone soul.

I caugh and a coin comes out of my mouth.

The coin has a face, with horns on it, glimmers like blood in the moonlight.

The thought crosses my mind for a minute "Where Am I?", then is blown away like a seed in the wind.

The river man seems to be gesturing to the coin, I hand it to him and get into the boat.

We slowly navigate the river.

Bubbles coming up from the depths, pop, and eminate wild terrible screeches and screams.

I cover my ears and cower in fear.

One of my fellow passengers is dragged into the deep green water and is dragged under by hands.

His screams, muted, by a hand firmly clasped over his mouth.

I watch, witnessing an animal, being draged by its hungry prey.

I gaze on.

Bodys hang, slowly swaying in the wind lingering of blood and death.

The boat, reaches its destination, we are standing at a beach shore.

There are several of us here, standing in a line, waiting..

Waiting for what.... is the question.

A figure, clouded in shadows, walks by each of us, surveying actions, and reactions.

Women crying, men trying not to.

I standing here, look at the figure as a deer would look into headlights.

The pain starts, whipping.. we are forced into a cavern.

The heat begins to eminate from around us.

Fires burning, the smell of rotten flesh and sulfer fills my nose.

I now know where I am, but do not wish to admit.

Admiting would mean defeat.

Defeat means I would submit.

The whiping of my self, and my companions continue as we continue into the depths of the cavern.

People around us, years of being treated as horses with one limp leg.

Cripled by time, and torture.. they look on, at us, the new comers.

New horses, with new legs, just waiting to be broken in.

Suddenly I am whiped, the pain of a thousand fires burns my back and body.

I open my mouth to scream like I've never screamed before.

Yet nothing comes.

I am left bearing the pain, with nothing to say, or do.

Continuing down the heat gets greater.

Hands occasionally dragging others down into pits.

I see the people who are dragged into the pits eyes, glowing like firelight, asking begging for help.

Reaching up for guidance for what to do..

No one can offer anything, we open our mouths to speak, and nothing is said.

Finally when the heat is unbearable, we reach another marble gate, only this one is crimson red, with black writing.

A large wolf gaurds this gate, three heads, salavating at the fresh meat being ushered under its feet.

I cover my eyes as the person behind me is devoured by its gaping jaws.

Its eyes red, dark as the deepest blood gaze at me.

I quickly run onwards, not wishing to become a small morsal of food for this massive beast.

Lost as a balloon drifting in the wind, I follow the crowd.

We are all forced, if not willingly driven, into our own caverns and made to follow the path.

Mine, lined with walls of flesh, pulsates, making me sick.

I try to walk back to the start, but something stops me.

I am forced to walk the way of my path.

Suddenly, the floor drops out from underneath me.



Falling into a pit of no light.

No light, no sight.

I feel something that feels remotely like hands ripping and tearing at my clothes.

Falling and spinning, having unknown things grasp at me.

Mute screams coming from my mouth.

Landing in a pool of blood and cadavers and carcasses.

The stench, terrible.

Grasping for air, reaching for help, the only thing I have to grasp onto, is my nightmares.

Grasping to a dead body that seems to be riddled with bullets, I support my body on its stomach and kick my way to the shore.

I stand, gather my breath and walk on.

My footsteps becoming pools of blood.

Blood dripping off my shirt, down my arms and down into the palms of my hand then on to the ground...

The drips, disappearing into puffs of smoke.

I look on..

A dark forest looms in the distance.

Dark as the darkest night.

Something, pushing me, driving me, forcing me onwards.

I enter the forest, and don't look back.

Trees reaching down, as if alive, pulling at my exposed flesh.

Thorns puncturing, tearing, ripping, tears of pain dripping down my face.

I move on, owls hooting and wolves howling.

Suddenly I'm forced to stop.

Cockroaches, asps and rats crossing my path, in some kind of cruel river.

Crawling, shimmering, and slithering.

Gathering my courage, I step gingerly through the writhing pandemonium.

Feeling the thrashing myriad of creatures.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain rise in my feet.

This pain, unmatched by anything.

I continue, not caring, not feeling my legs, the crippling pain in my legs.

I crawl slowly out of the river of horrors.

Pain eminating from my foot, I look down, a scarlet welt pulsates slowly, beating with the rythm of my beating heart.

I rip a small remnant of my shirt off, and wrap it around my foot, hoping to calm the discomfort.

I roam on.

I soon come to the end of the black as charcole forest.

I look up and see a citadel.

The citadel, looming in the distance like a spectre.

Climbing the mountain that the citadel calls home, the pain in my foot continues to grow, forcing me to limp.

A horse.. limp, with pain.

Wearing down, I look up at the citdel's distinct features.

Grotesque gargoyles sitting on ziggurats, mouths open, carnage flowing forth.

Pain, grapples my foot and forces me to crawl across the draw bridge.

I crawl slowly, into the citadel.

Crawling slowly I gaze like a hungry animal at the interior.

Torches flicker from the sides of the wall, drawing my view inwards, toward the throne room.

Moving slowly, deathly slowly, I gather what energy I have and crawl to the throne room.

My eyes are drawn to a throne of blood.

Flowing, dripping, pulsating.

What is on the throne, throws me into convulsions of shock.

It is my self.

Sitting, looking with the look of a hungry wolf.

That terrifying grin..looking, staring back at me.

Then the laughing starts.

The terrible maniacal, nefarious, laugh.

Resounding through out the walls of the citadel...

As the laughter grows so does my affliction.

Trying to scream, I cast my head to the moon and open my mouth.

Lifeblood, bubbles to the top of my throat.. and dribbles down my cheeks.

Searing as acid down my body.

The pain, over whelming, I collapse in to the glowing rubicund.

Squirming and worming in dispare in my own blood.

I shake and shimmer, and sweat.

My eyes, my soul and my heart burn.

The smell of rotten flesh fills my nose and I begin to caugh a mute cough.

Tearing at my skin I weep, and my tears only make the pain worse.

My skin melting off, into the puddle of my own blood.

My fears becoming reality.

I thrash about in terrible agony.

I throw my hands away from my body, arms out streched, and open my mouth to scream.

I awake.

I find my self sitting in a throne, guarded by gargoyles.

The area, surrounded by torches.

A welt, pulsating on my foot.

I open my mouth to scream.
The Complete Journey.

The complete poem of a journey.

This is the complete work of the previous 6 deviations.

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Irony strikes, this is DeviantArt's 666th day of serving the Online Art community.

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powergirl5000 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002
wow... it is exactly, exactly, like my vision of hell.

great job.
amobea Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
brilliant work...
euphoria Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2002
This is good. Very good. The only real problem I see with it is the fact that the doublespacing makes it hard for me to follow. I think formatting is almost as important as anything else. Otherwise, i's great stuff.
o-doyle Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2002
bloody hell... excellent work my friend.... i had this vivid image all the way through it!!! Great piece!!! =D (Big Grin)
txpoetess Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2002
OMG this is soooo awesome... gives a whole new outlook on writing ... I will have to try imagry. I'm really liking the way I write but on the other hand, ya gotta try everything to find your place... right?! I love this!!!!
grrlefx Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Xehirut. Your work leaves one speechless! It touches many parts of my psyche, the parts that have been in hiding.

I now know where I am, but do not wish to admit.

Your writing is moving, and i thank you for sharing!

flummox Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2002
I like the references to what would normally be something you would read in the book of zeus or something, greek. :) (Smile) I believe at some point I lost track, but that could be fatigue. It's actually not bad one bit. It's dark though-was it supposed to be?

I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing it.
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boardinlex Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2002
its long, but good of course. i like it a lot, but it seems more of a story than a poem. i think its cool how you told it though through poetry.

NUDIEZ!-> [link]
wwfgirl Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2002
Finally! I finally had time to sit down and read it over slowly. Amazing! It's scary as hell, very well written! Xehirut, your writing just keeps getting better!
crimson red, with black writing. hmmmm I wonder why you chose those colors :O (Eek) lol...
+faves :) (Smile)

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thlayli Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Conjuring the spirits of hell and all that. Very dark and well written.
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